DSC08375 These earrings matched my board perfectly.

DSC08374 These earrings are very traditional, just like this box.

DSC08373 Don’t the earrings look like little fruits on a tree?

DSC08372 The holes in the earrings reminded me of a luffa!

DSC08371 I felt that the earrings represented what your hair looks like when you get shocked really well.

DSC08370 The wooden part on the earrings, reminded me of the box.

DSC08369 At home i have a container shaped like a sea shell to put my toothpaste in, so these earrings with a jelly fish on them reminded me of that.

DSC08368 These earrings have circles all over them, just like this box.

DSC08367 The speakers reflect sound and these earrings are reflective too!

DSC08366 I thought it was funny that no matter how shiny those earrings are, you still dont notice them in the clutter